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Epilogue by Joseph Gilbey: 19 December, 2016.

After spending twenty years of research into the Graf Spee saga and publishing a couple of books I have unearthed an incredible cover-up. Maybe the best kept secret in German naval history. During Graf Spee's mission, Captain Langsdorff aquired top secret information that convinced him to scuttle his ship and compelled him to commit suicide.

In Montevideo, Uruguay Captain Langsdorff`s log book is available in a Spanish edition. El Museo de la Armada Nacional in Pocitos, is selling limited copies of "Admiral Graf Spee Diario de Guerra". This publication is a precise word by word, day by day Spanish translation of Captain Langsdorff's original German log book (kriegstagebuch). It carries indisputable evidence of the failure of Graf Spee's full-time diesel propulsion to maintain a reliable speed above 20-knots. This technical problem compromised the Z-plan and endangered Admiral Raeder's career.

Thanks for looking in! Keep posted! Joseph Gilbey, Hillsburgh, Ontario. 19 December, 2016

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